Govia pure olive oil

Pure Olive oil is exclusively obtained from the fruit of Aegean olives and never mixed with any other oils except Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Entirely free of solvents, it is often simply labeled as Olive Oil. It has a lighter taste than Extra Virgin oil, but retains the same health benefits. Always heart-healthy and cholesterol free, Govia Pure Olive Oil adds a deliciously light touch to salad dressings, marinades and mayonnaise, as well as hot and cold dishes.

Govia pure olive oil is ideal for:

- Salads and dressings
- Stir frying
- Baking
- Roasting and grilling

Govia oils may be stored up to two years under normal storage conditions (70°-80°F). Storage below 45°F may cause clouding, and exposure to ultraviolet light may cause off flavors.

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