Our Vision

Govia Healthy Foods

Our vision is to strive having our Brand Concept – Govia For A Healthy Planet, as a leading provider of ours cholesterol, sodium, and trans-fat free oils and high quality tomatoes products to consumers while maintaining our commitment to healthy living.

Our mission is to apply advanced technology to produce the highest quality Govia oils and tomatoes products on the market today, and to satisfy our customers with a quality product optimum service at a fair price.

Our Goals

• Serve as responsible of the Earth's resources and environment
• Do our best to enhance the economic and social well-being of our colleagues and their communities
• Create mutually and beneficial relationships with business partners
• Act with the highest level of integrity in all we do

In other words, our vision for the future is not only to grow our business, but to help our customers grow their businesses as well.
Helping our customers to achieve their goals influences everything we do.